Watch Dr. Michelle Yagoda, Co-Founder of BeautyScoop®, speak with television reporters and talk show hosts on video about BeautyScoop®, plastic surgery and beauty.

CBS Seen at 11 - Drink your way to beauty
Tanya Zuckerbrot on Achieving Beauty by the Bite
Tis the Season for Looking Your Best
July 22, 2015
"Seen at 11:
Drink Your Way to Looking and Feeling Younger"
CBS New York
June 4, 2015
"Summer’s Hottest Beauty Products"
The Wendy Williams show
April 11, 2012
"Achieving Beauty by the Bite"
Tanya Zuckerbrot on VH1
December 18,2011
Fox & Friends
"’Tis the Season for Looking Your Best"
Fountain of Youth
Stem Cell Facelifts?
Robert Verdi Show - Fountain of Youth
Fox News - After the Show Show
 November 8, 2010
Fox & Friends
"Fountain of Youth?"
November 6, 2010
Fox & Friends
"Stem Cell ‘Facelifts’?"
March 24, 2010
The Robert Verdi Show
"Fountain of Youth"
March 11, 2010
Fox News Channel
"After the Show Show"
Fox News - Plastic Surgery Gone Awry
Fox News - The Robert Verdi Show Network
New Face of Plastic Surgery - avoid plastic surgery with natural beauty products
Edible Beauty - natural beauty product - beauty scoop
March 11, 2010
Fox News Channel
"Plastic Surgery Gone Awry"
February 24, 2010
The Robert Verdi Show
January 21, 2010
Fox and Friends
"New Face of Plastic Surgery"
December 22, 2009
Fox and Friends
"Edible Beauty"
Ingestible Beauty - look younger with BeautyScoop
Edible Beauty Products - healhty hair
Beating Botox - edible beauty product offers natural solution
Career Lift - natural beauty product  and healthy skin
November 1, 2009
Fox and Friends
"Ingestible Beauty"
August 18, 2009
The Early Show
"Edible Beauty Products"
July 12, 2009
Fox and Friends
"Beating Botox"
April 18, 2009
Fox and Friends
"Career Lift"
Look Younger in 60 minutes - younger looking skin
Transform Your Skin  The Today Show Sipping Sensation - BeautyScoop - Beauty Products  
February 28, 2009
Fox and Friends
"Look Younger in 60 minutes"
January 4th, 2009
Fox & Friends
"How to Transform Your Skin"
January 24, 2008
Today Show
"Sipping Sensation"
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