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Peeling, splitting, breaking nails?

Get fast-growing, longer, stronger nails with BeautyScoop®

BeautyScoop® is the first and only, doctor-developed, scientifically and clinically proven beauty nutritional supplement rich in essential peptides and lipids that are the necessary building blocks for healthy and beautiful nails. Its natural, patented  formula, enhanced with collagen and hyaluronic acid, is made in the USA at an organic-certified factory and delivers effective, fast, visible results. Get longer, stronger, more perfect nails without the  typical maintenance required with weak nails.  

The NAIL Benefits of BeautyScoop®

  • Lengthens nails and optimizes healthy toe nail growth
  • Strengthens weak and brittle nails
  • Reinforces chipping and peeling nails
  • Halts the development of nail ridges in women and men
  • Revitalizes aging nails
  • Improves the vitality of the nail at a cellular level
  • Softens cuticles, reducing the need for manicures
  • Aids in more perfect and stronger nail development

 and Clinically Proven:

  1. 95% of users in clinical trials reported an improvement in their hair, skin and/or nails; 85% reported a noticeable improvement; 74% reported a great improvement; and, 21% reported that their problem was completely gone.
  2. After the FIRST week, 79% noticed an improvement in nails.
  3. After TWO WEEKS of use, 95% noticed an improvement in nails.
  4. After THREE WEEKS, 99% noticed an improvement in nails.

How can the peptides in BeautyScoop® help to stop nails from peeling?

Peeling nails can mean a diet that is lacking in lipids such as linoleic acid, from safflower oil. BeautyScoop® supplies lipids to ensure faster-growing, longer, stronger nails and to prevent nails from peeling.

How does BeautyScoop® help brittle nails?

A diet low in biotin can cause nails to become thin, brittle and easily broken. BeautyScoop® supplies biotin to improve nails health and beauty without the need for a manicure. This means nails will be less brittle, longer and stronger without the maintenance usually associated with weak nails. BeautyScoop®’s patented, natural and clinically proven formula provides a visible reduction in the brittleness of nails in as little as one week!

Can BeautyScoop® help white spots on the nails?

Most often, those spots are the manifestation of some type of trauma to the nail. But, if you are certain that you didn’t injure your nails, there can be several other causes – including a diet that’s deficient in the mineral zinc. BeautyScoop® supplies zinc for healthy nails and the reduction of visible white spots. 

Can BeautyScoop® correct nail ridges?

Vertical ridges in the keratin may be totally normal – a sign not of any health problem, but of age. BeautyScoop® users notice that ridges improve or disappear with BeautyScoop®’s fast-acting, patented, scientific and clinically proven formula.

Can’t I get this from my regular diet?

Yes, if you don’t suffer from inadequate absorption.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), up to 40% of people have inadequate absorption of the peptides and lipids that are the necessary building blocks for healthy and beautiful nails, skin and hair. So, if you eat a healthy diet but still have problems with your nails, then BeautyScoop® will supply you with an abundance of those necessary building blocks in a pure powder for immediate absorption and rapid, long-lasting results.

Why supplement a healthy diet?

Normally, it takes your body 4-6 hours to digest what you eat into an absorbable form. Your body then rations out these building blocks bit-by-bit, some for synthesis, and some for repair. However, with BeautyScoop®‘s natural, patented and clinically proven nutritional beauty supplement, your body receives a large quantity of ready-to-use building blocks, enabling your body to rapidly begin synthesizing more perfect nails, skin and hair. Faster-growing, longer, stronger nails are just some of the results that will be visible in just 3 weeks!

BeautyScoop® in the Press


Read these Actual Consumer Testimonials:

“It improved my nails tremendously. I had a hard time growing them as I’ve bitten them all of my life and now they are great – long, strong and healthy. This is a secret – the inside scoop on beauty!” 
Beth Beyer, Actress and member of Screen Actors’ Guild

“I was very pleased, especially with my nails – my manicurist even noticed. I loved the taste. It is an easy beauty thing to do.” 
Darcy McNutt, Ivanka Trump’s former personal assistant

“This product improved my skin hair and nails above and beyond my expectations. I could see results very quickly. It is a real beauty secret.” 
A. Popovic, Bergdorf Goodman, Department Manager

“I normally hate shakes and drinks, but this one actually tasted good! Now, I can drink my way to great nails. I used nail strengthener and ridge fillers to hide my problems before…but this product actually improved the condition rather than hide it.” 
Risa H., NJ Real Estate Developer

“I had a crack in my nails and now it is gone! I am very pleased and pleasantly surprised!” 
Elaine A., Pet Store Owner

“My nails were growing and they stopped cracking and splitting.” 
Marion T., NYC Private School Nurse

“I definitely saw improvement in my hair and nails. I like the taste and find it filling, like a meal replacement. It is the “inside scoop” on beauty – ahead of the curve – and users are those in the know.” 
Fran H., Pharmaceutical Consultant

“Very pleased especially with the improvement in the strength of my nails.” 
Mary J. NIH Researcher

“It worked great on my nails…and on my hair and face, too.” 
Judy B., Voice-over actress

“I really enjoyed using this product. I loved the taste and found myself craving it throughout the day. It is a good mixture for beauty enhancement. I really saw a difference in my overall appearance and I even got comments from others on how good I look. It was not just noticeable improvements in my skin, hair and nails…but something more…I looked better overall. In fact, I noticed a definite difference even after taking it only for a couple of days.” 
Jennifer S., NYU Graduate Student

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