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Beauty Sccop - Patented Formula Natural Beauty Supplement

Patented Formula

Clinically Proven Anti-Aging Breakthrough Receives U.S. Patent

NEW YORK, Jan. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Opus Skincare, LLC is pleased to announce that BeautyScoop®, an innovative, effective, award-winning beauty supplement, has received a United States patent (#8,329,642). Doctor developed and clinically proven, BeautyScoop® delivers long-lasting results for skin, hair and nails.

BeautyScoop - Patented Beauty Formula for younger looking skin,strong hair and nailaHealthy and beautiful hair, skin and nails come from within. The benefits of the best creams and lotions, conditioners and polish will last only hours after each application, and will not solve the underlying problem of dryness. BeautyScoop® is a natural and vegetable-based nutritional supplement formulated with special peptides and essential lipids (SPLs) that are the extra-nourishing building blocks needed to deliver more perfect skin, hair and nails. BeautyScoop's® SPLs provide synergy with topical products to maximize therapeutic benefits.

Beauty Based in Nature Backed by Science

Unlike pills and bars with additives that can inhibit absorption, BeautyScoop® is a pure powder for immediate absorption and rapid and long lasting results. Neither a cosmetic to cover up problems, nor a drug to alter something, BeautyScoop® stimulates the body to make younger-looking skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails:

SKIN: reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & dry patches, and increases hydration and glow
HAIR: adds luster, intensifies shine, reduces breakage, enhances healthy hair growth, visibly decreases thinning, and improves manageability
NAILS: diminishes ridges, nourishes cuticles, fortifies splits and breaks, lengthens and strengthens

In double-blinded clinical trials, 86% of participants noted improvement in all three areas - skin, hair and nails - within three weeks!

Not a Vitamin

Drs. Yagoda and Gans have identified SPLs as critical ingredients for healthy and beautiful skin, hair and nails. Dietary insufficiency as well as inadequate absorption of peptides and lipids even from healthy, balanced diets, may result in visible problems in the skin, hair and nails. BeautyScoop® supplies these SPLs (reinforced with hyaluronic acid, key vitamins and minerals to assure maximum therapeutic benefits) in a vanilla-flavored powder that dissolves in any hot or cold beverage. Made in the USA, in an organic-certified factory, BeautyScoop® is natural and vegetable-based, safe and effective. Rated as one of the top three supplements by London's Sunday Times, BeautyScoop® has been described as "a trip to your nutritionist and dermatologist all in one packet!"

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