Behind the Brand 1
  • Based in Nature, Backed by Science
Behind the Brand 2
  • Dr. Michelle Yagoda, Co-Creator
Behind the Brand

BeautyScoop® is one of the top beauty supplements…

  • the most advanced beauty nutritional supplement for measurably youthful skin, lustrous hair and strong nails
  • a natural and vegetable-based formula rich in special peptides and lipids (SPLs) – the nourishing building blocks your body needs to create more perfect skin, hair and nails.
  • fortified with collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals for unsurpassed skin, hair and nails health and beauty.
  • a pure powder formula that can be mixed into any cold or hot beverage
  • a serious medical beauty infusion, with immediate absorption and rapid, long-lasting results
  • the state-of-the-art new technology in natural medicine
  • an efficacious, ground-breaking product backed by more than a decade of rigorous, placebo-controlled, double blinded and randomized studies led by independent physicians.
  • part of a comprehensive skin, hair and nail care regimen – it is the gold standard!

Know Better Beauty!

BeautyScoop® works from within:  Unlike topical products that stop working when you wash them off.

BeautyScoop® corrects from within:  Unlike cosmetics that simply cover up damage.

BeautyScoop® boosts your body naturally from within:  Unlike drugs that alter something.

BeautyScoop® is rapidly absorbed from within:  Unlike pills and bars with additives that can inhibit absorption.


Discover the Beauty Breakthrough: Beauty From Within

“Co-creating BeautyScoop,® awarded as one of the top beauty supplements, has been a monumental professional accomplishment! We wanted to create a product that would enhance beauty from within and deliver significant and measurable results! We wanted a product that was good for you – one based in nature, easy and delicious. To be able to witness this reality is exhilarating. To see the transformation in confidence and self-esteem that people go through as they gain control of their external beauty, is an amazing gift.” Drs. Michelle Yagoda and Eugene Gans.

BeautyScoop,® one of the top beauty supplements, is the leader in beauty from within. It is a patented, proven and peerless nutritional beauty supplement that comes as a pure powder to mix into any beverage. It naturally stimulates the body to make significantly and measurably younger-looking skin, thicker hair and more beautiful nails.

Visible results in just three weeks.

You deserve it! Better skin, hair and nails is just the beginning…