BeautyScoop Affiliate Program:  Share the Scoop  – Beautiful skin, hair and nails won’t be your only reward!

Share the scoop!  Tell your friends and family about BeautyScoop®, the latest scoop in beauty, and everyone wins!  You earn BeautyBucks and they get $5 OFF their first purchase!!

Here’s how our new and INCREASED commission structure works to save you money and earn rewards for BeautyScoop®

-As a valued BeautyScoop® customer, you will receive a unique BeautyBucks code to share with friends and family who place their first time orders with* As an Affiliate, you can invite all of your friends by word-of-mouth, on Facebook, on Twitter, by posting a sign on the bulletin board at your gym, posting a link on your website or blog, or you can even take out an ad (provided we approve it first to be certain it meets FDA compliance)! The possibilities are endless!

  • They save $5. You Earn 5% in BeautyBucks!  You will receive a series of unique coupon codes to share with your friends so that they can receive $5 off their first order.  First time customers who shop at and enter your BeautyBucks unique coupon code during checkout will receive an instant $5 off their first order.*  Remember, you will be rewarded in BeautyBucks equaling 5% commission on the subtotal (i.e. the item cost after all coupon discounts, and excluding shipping and tax) both on their initial order and any additional orders they place over the next 365 days!

The BeautyBuck Doesn’t Stop There!

After their first purchase, your referrals can become an Affiliate – just like you did, and then pass their own BeautyBucks unique affiliate code along to their friends and family.  Your reward is now 5% on any of these second generation sales that occur during the 365 day period beginning with your initial referral.  3rd generation  sales are rewarded the same way at 3%.  With each generation, you continue to earn BeautyBuck rewards to apply towards your BeautyScoop® orders.

One Good Share Deserves Another…

When your referrals shop at, we will introduce them to our Auto-Ship program.  If just one of your referrals signs up for this program, you will earn $114 BeautyBucks!  If they introduce just one friend who enrolls in the Auto-Ship program, you will earn a total of $152 BeautyBucks!  And, if that friend enrolls just one friend in the Auto-Ship program, you will earn a total of nearly $175 BeautyBucks!  Not bad for one third generation referral!  With those BeautyBucks, you can get TWO free canisters AND have more left over!  Your skin, hair and nails will thank you.

Now imagine the possibilities of the same scenario with 10 referrals.  You will earn $1748 BeautyBucks!  And, this is just the first year!  If those referrals remain customers for one additional year, you will keep earning BeautyBucks without even lifting an eyebrow!  Now imagine having 20, or even 100 1st generation referrals!

Boundless Rewards

After the first year, you will continue earning rewards at 3% on every one of the referred BeautyScoop® purchases for the life of the program.  As you can see, BeautyBucks can add up for years to come from  just one referral.  To redeem BeautyBucks, simply email us at once you have $25 in your account and at least 60 days after the sale was made, and we will issue a check directly to you.  You may use your BeautyBucks to purchase online at, or in any way you desire – but we know you you will use them!