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Read Through these testimonials and reviews to see how BeautyScoop® is changing beauty regimens. We invite you to take the “Know Better Beauty” challenge and share your results! BeautyScoop®. It is the new scoop in beauty.

BeautyScoop Reviews and BeautyScoop Testimonials

“I have used Dr. Yagoda for skin treatment for some time now, and have come to trust her approach on beauty. The idea of internal beauty strengthening is of great interest to me – both mentally and physically. I am so happy that BeautyScoop®, which uses peptides, lipids and vitamins to give luster and shine, is finally on the market. I can’t wait to share it!”
Marcia Gay Harden, Academy Award Winning Actress

“It was fantastic! It was delicious and I don’t usually like shakes and powdered drinks. I prefer this to a pill as it is all natural and in a drink. It is the ‘scoop’ in attaining beauty. Even my facialist noticed the changes in my skin!”
Ricki Lake, Actress and Talk Show Host

“After the 10th day of using BeautyScoop® I began to notice a change in the overall appearance in my skin. It’s texture is much smoother, brighter, and my wrinkles are a whole lot less noticeable now. I will admit that I was skeptical in the beginning, but I was willing to give your product a try, and I have to say it was the best thing I could have done for myself. My skin is looker younger and fresher and more radiant. Thank you so very much for developing this wonderful product and sharing it with the world!”
Stephanie T., Accountant

BeautyScoop® is a trip to your nutritionist and dermatologist in one single packet.”
Lauren Slayton, M.S., R.D., NYC Nutritionist,  Owner of FoodTrainers, and Author of Little Book of Thin

“Fun. Smart. Hip and Cute. Yum! My LA hairdresser asked what I have been using with my hair because she saw all this new hair growth and noticed that my roots were super strong.”
Alysia Reiner, Film and Television Actress, Orange is the New Black

“This gives me a lift and it works!”
Doreen Chu, Former TODAY show producer

“I saw more hair in Alysia’s scalp – new growth and enlarged pores. The texture was improved and there was stimulation of new growth. I can’t wait to recommend this to my clients.”
Valentina V., L.A. celebrity hairdresser

“It improved my nails tremendously. I had a hard time growing them as I’ve bitten them all of my life and now they are great – long, strong and healthy. This is a secret – the inside scoop on beauty!”
Beth Beyer, Actress and member of Screen Actors’ Guild

BeautyScoop® starts you feeling healthy and good about your body because you know the ingredients are so pure. Suddenly, your skin, hair and nails actually improve – even glow – and it’s definitely not just a state of mind! BeautyScoop® is really the inside out approach that we all hope for…”
Jessica Hecht, Film, Theater and Television Actress, Breaking Bad

“My hair looked amazing. My skin had no breakouts. I loved the taste and it was the first thing ever to replace my 4PM cookie break! Now that I finished the product, I want more. I am super low maintenance but would absolutely keep taking this because I got a bunch of compliments when I was using it. I am joining for the awesome and yummy beauty shake. Get it when she releases it to the world!”
Rachel Sheedy, Talent Agent

“I have had a huge a-ha because of it. I used less moisturizers and cleansers while I was on it… my skin didn’t seem to need it. And, within two weeks of stopping it, I noticed a definite shift in my skin – it was once again very dry. This is the “inside track” on a hot new item for my beauty and health. Excellent taste – nice afternoon treat!”
Marge Royce, Actress & Member of AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Actors)

“I was very pleased, especially with my nails – my manicurist even noticed. I loved the taste! It is an easy beauty thing to do.”
Darcy McNutt, Ivanka Trump’s Former Personal Assistant

“It worked great on my nails… and on my hair and face, too.”
Judy B., Voice Over Actress

“Delicious, nice texture.”
Nancy W., Former Warner Music Promoter

“I really enjoyed using this product. I loved the taste and found myself craving it throughout the day. It is a good mixture for beauty enhancement. I really saw a difference in my overall appearance and I even got comments from others on how good I look. It was not just the noticeable improvements in my skin, hair and nails… but something more….I looked better overall. In fact, I noticed a definite difference even after taking it only for a couple of days.”
Jennifer S., NYU Graduate Student

“This product improved my skin, hair and nails above and beyond my expectations. I could see results very quickly. It is a real beauty secret.”
A. Popovic, Bergdorf’s Department Manager

“Delivers on its promises! Unlike other natural products, this one actually works!”
L. Rosenberg, Pilates Instructor

“It takes only one scoop a day to be more beautiful!”
B. Moser, European Personal Chef

“I had a crack in my nails and it is now gone! I am very pleased and pleasantly surprised!”
Elaine A., Pet Store Owner

“My nails were growing and they stopped cracking and splitting.”
Marion T., NYC Private School Nurse

“I normally hate shakes and drinks, but this one actually tasted good! Now, I can drink my way to great nails. I used nail strengthener and ridge fillers to hide my problems before… but this product actually improved the condition rather than hide it.”
Risa H., New Jersey Real Estate Developer

“I definitely saw improvements in my hair and nails. I like the taste and find it filling, like a meal replacement. It is the “inside scoop” on beauty – ahead of the curve – and users are those in the know.”
Fran H., Pharmaceutical Consultant

“This product has a great taste and blends well with water, milk or juice. It is healthy beauty taken to a new level.”
Christina A., NYC Public School Teacher

“Very pleased especially with the improvement in the strength of my nails.”
Mary J., NIH Researcher

“This product works and is so easy to use.”
Laura R., Stay-at-home mother of two

“I am almost 73 years old and have been using BeautyScoop® for several months. Even though I do not have thinning hair, which really is a blessing at my age, I just want to endorse this product! I have had so many compliments on my skin and hair [since I started using it] and I do feel BeautyScoop® has made a difference for sure. I don’t take it every day but at least 3-4 times a week. Just wanted to give you an A+ because I love the product.”
Jan Butler, retired tour guide

“I am a 76 year old female and have been using your product for a long time. I quit 6 months ago and my nails became split and broken. I have now started using the product again and in less than a week I can already see the difference. I know from personal experience IT REALLY DOES WORK. Don’t listen to those skeptics, I can tell you first hand it works!”
Jan Butler, retired tour guide – 3 years later!

“I must tell you that I am still a loyal user of BeautyScoop® and just yesterday, my hairdresser made a remark about how my hair is thicker and better than ever.  My nails are also as good as they have ever been and there is no doubt in my mind it’s due to my religious use of your magic powder every day.” 
B. Arlander, Entrepreneur and Private Investor

“I purchased a container of BeautyScoop® youthful skin, lustrous hair and strong nail nutritional supplement. It has been three weeks since I first used this supplement. I take one scoop of the supplement once a day and am pleased to say that I’m in love with the taste and have already seen improvement with the texture of my hair. I chemically relax my hair, causing it it have a dry appearance. After three weeks, my hair has shown improvement: it has more shine and the texture is much better! I am looking forward to seeing further improvements in my hair and skin and am soooo excited with this great product!”
Sandra D.

​“I remain remarkably impressed with how fast my hair is growing. Honest, this is at least three times my normal growth!”
L. Garnier, Equestrian Equitation Expert​

“I have been using BeautyScoop® for six months and I can’t believe my eyes! My hair grew and my hairdresser said that it is thicker than ever. My skin improved also. My acne is even better than it was with ProActive. BeautyScoop® definitely exceeded my expectations!”
Madara C.

“I just wanted to send a letter to the CEO and Co-Founders because I am so unbelievably thrilled with BeautyScoop’s® results. Two years ago, my hairdresser suggested BeautyScoop® because my hair was thinning. I thought it sounded like marketing hype. I didn’t buy it. But I year later with more hair loss and desperation, I did buy it. I didn’t expect any results at all but I am amazed. I’ve seen a miracle with my own eyes. It really works! Beauty products never do what they say – but BeautyScoop® did and does. My hair is fuller, thicker and dare I say “normal.” I just wanted to write to thank you and to be a testimonial for any other skeptics! I will be happy to speak to any potential customers on air or in person. BeautyScoop® is amazing!”
J.B. – satisfied user!

“My skin and nails weren’t bad to begin with, and since I’m young, I don’t have wrinkles or anything that needs to be filled. However, after about 2 weeks of adding BeautyScoop® to my shakes, I got probably quadruple the compliments I normally do on my skin! I didn’t expect such a significant change in my hair, skin and nails. When other people notice the changes everywhere you go, you HAVE to know it’s a good product. I’m a believer.”
Kait Mosh, Celebrity Manicurist and Beauty Consultant
Clients include Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, Brittany Snow, Jennifer Lopez, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Sia

“I am obsessed! Telling everyone I know about it…”
Wendy S. – Upper West Side mom

“The overall improvement I would say is thicker eyebrows and stronger nails…definitely thicker eyebrows and stronger nails. Great product!”
Jennifer Yepez, Celebrity Hair Stylist, The Wall Group, celebrity clients Gigi Hadid and Kate Walsh

“Please resend the BeautyScoop®! My results in using the product is amazing. My hair grew four inches. Thank you!”
Ruth King

“I need to place an[other] order for…more BeautyScoop®! My clients are getting positive results and I don’t want to be out …[of] this amazing product.”
Brenda D., Hair Stylist

“[BeautyScoop®]…is amazing… I started using it… (a few years ago when I was)…around 48 and, I haven’t aged a day since. It’s the Benjamin Button of beauty aids!!”
Lou D., Vancouver, BC

“I use your BeautyScoop® and love it. My nails are stronger and grow faster than they have in the past. My skin looks great.”
Lee C., Bryan, TX

“Thank you Alexa. You give the best customer service of any company I deal with.”
Pat R.

BeautyScoop Reviews and BeautyScoop Testimonials

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