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We want you to join the group of satisfied BeautyScoop® users who have seen visible results in their skin, hair and nails.  In clinical trials, 94% of people noticed improvement in at least one area, and 86% of people noticed improvement in all three areas –skin, hair and nails – within three weeks.*

In order to help you monitor your progress on BeautyScoop®, we offer you some guidelines to help you with your observations and two options for recording your hair, skin and nail improvements:

  1. you can use the rating scale on the card enclosed with the box, or
  2. you can use the Track Your Beauty Progress personal and confidential log-in feature online.

Once you have chosen your preferred tracking method, you will start by rating the condition of your skin, hair and nails PRIOR to starting BeautyScoop®.  Then, you will evaluate your progress at 7, 14, and 21 days and record your visible results.

Here are some of the early to late signs of progress for each category:

  1. SKIN – less scaling on the legs, less dryness of the heels and elbows, increased glow, less superficial wrinkles, softer skin
  2. HAIR – scalp less dry, easier to style, shinier hair, less split ends, stronger hair, increased luster
  3. NAILS – cuticles softer, less breaking/splitting, faster growth, reduction of ridges and white spots

*Data on file at Opus Skincare, LLC

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