1. What are peptides?

    Peptides may be considered the smallest usable form of proteins. They do not need to be digested to be absorbed. They are formed by two or more amino acids.

  2. Why do you need peptides in your diet?

    Peptides help to build healthy and more perfect skin, nails, hair and muscles. They also form enzymes and hormones that maintain body function and keep the immune system healthy.

  3. Where do peptides come from?

    Peptides come from proteins which must first be digested, over a 4-6 hour process, in order to be absorbed and used by the body. This process begins in the mouth with salivary enzymes, continues in the stomach where twenty percent of digestion occurs, and then proceeds to the small intestine where the majority of digestion occurs.

  4. How does BeautyScoop® work?

    BeautyScoop® supplies special peptides and lipids (SPLs) in a pure powder form for immediate absorption and rapid, long-lasting results. Unlike a regular diet, or supplements that come in a bars and pills, which need to be digested over 4-6 hours to be broken down into a usable form, BeautyScoop® is immediately usable by your body. This jumpstarts the body’s own natural biochemical processes and boosts its own regenerative power to build healthy and more perfect skin, hair and nails.

  5. What are lipids?

    Lipids include biologically important oils, fats and oil-soluble nutrients. They provide necessary building blocks for beautiful, healthy and more perfect skin, hair and nails.

  6. Why do you need lipids in your diet?

    Lipids are necessary for cell membrane health, vitality and flexibility, and for energy storage and hormone production.

  7. How do you get vital lipids in a heart-healthy form?

    Essential lipids from the safflower and canola flower are heart-healthy and free of trans-fats. They provide omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants vital for younger-looking, healthy and more perfect skin, lustrous hair and strong nails.

  8. Which key vitamins, minerals and trace elements are included in BeautyScoop® and why?

    B-Vitamins Riboflavin and Biotin, Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper and Manganese are included as they each are instrumental in the production and maintenance of healthy, beautiful and more perfect skin, hair and/or nails. Think of special peptides and lipids (SPLs) as the building blocks and vitamins and minerals as catalysts. Healthy, beautiful and perfect skin, hair and nails need both!

  9. How is BeautyScoop® different from Borba®?

    Borba® waters are simple vitamin-enhanced waters. There are no peptides or lipids in Borba®. BeautyScoop® contains key vitamins and minerals, but its main active ingredients are the special peptides and lipids (SPLs).

  10. How is BeautyScoop®different from supplements by Dr. Kinerase, Dr. Murad, Phyto and others?

    Again, none of these products provide both peptides and lipids, the essential building blocks for beautiful and healthy skin, hair and nails. In addition, they come in pill form which needs to be digested before it can be absorbed and made available to your body, BeautyScoop® comes in a pure powder form for immediate absorption and rapid, long-lasting results.

  11. How does BeautyScoop® differ from skincare products with topical peptides?

    The peptide enhanced formula in BeautyScoop®, is provided in a pure powder for rapid internal absorption and maximum therapeutic benefits in the building of new, younger-looking and more perfect skin, hair and nails. In contrast, topical peptides can only help from the outside, to repair imperfect and already damaged skin, hair and nails. They have limited, if any, absorption and they stop working when washed off. BeautyScoop®corrects the underlying problem instead of covering it up and its results are long lasting.

  12. Can I use BeautyScoop® is addition to my current topical skincare regimen?

    Absolutely, but you are likely to find that you do not need as many moisturizers, exfoliators, retinoids and glycolics. BeautyScoop® corrects, repairs and rebuilds to work synergistically with topicals in order to give enhanced results.

  13. Is BeautyScoop® tested on animals?

    No, but more than 180 humans have participated in clinical trials!

  14. If I stop using BeautyScoop® will the results last?

    Results will last for up to an additional 3-4 weeks, much longer than with cosmetic topical products that stop working when you wash them off. As with any product, after you stop using it, the results will diminish over time and revert to the original state. For longer lasting results, we recommend making BeautyScoop® part of your daily beauty regimen. Benefits can be maintained by using BeautyScoop® at least twice per week.

  15. Is BeautyScoop® for men?

    BeautyScoop® is absolutely for men. It ensures healthy hair growth, it nourishes the scalp, it softens coarse, dry skin, and it gets rid of nail ridges.

  16. Can I be allergic to BeautyScoop®?

    BeautyScoop® contains soy and a minimal amount of non-fat milk so if you are allergic to these ingredients, you should not use this product.

  17. Can I mix this into any beverage?

    Yes. You can mix it into the hot or cold beverage of your choice.

  18. Why do I have to consume it within 30 minutes?

    For maximum results, your body needs a sufficient quantity of highly absorbable special peptides and lipids (SPLs) over a short period of time. Clinical research indicates that it takes significantly longer to see results if ingestion is delayed.

  19. I heard that I can take my daily dose of BeautyScoop® in my mojito, sake or martini, is this true?

    Yes! While we don’t advocate drinking alcohol daily, the fact is that BeautyScoop®‘s absorption is enhanced by alcohol. So, on a special night out, you can mix BeautyScoop® into your cocktail. In fact, we have a signature Beau-jitoTM made with BeautyScoop® and Clement Rhum®. In fact, we have many signature cocktails including a signature Beau-jitoTM made with BeautyScoop®® and Clement Rhum®. See our winning Recipes of the Month, or purchase our Prettier with Every Sip recipe book for inspiration!

  20. Why does BeautyScoop® produce a cloudy beverage?

    This is due to the special peptides and lipids (SPLs) and anti-oxidants. It is perfectly safe and delicious!

  21. Should I take BeautyScoop® with or without food?

    This is completely up to you. There is no functional impact.

  22. Can I take other supplements with BeautyScoop®?

    Although we have added only those key vitamins, minerals and trace elements proven to improve skin, hair and nails – you can take your normal daily vitamin and mineral supplement. Avoid excessive amounts of any ingredients by calculating total individual values to be certain not to exceed recommended daily allowances.

  23. Can I take more than one packet of BeautyScoop® per day?

    We recommend only one packet per day. Some may wish to use two packets per day for up to one week, to speed up the process.

  24. Can I take this product if I am pregnant or nursing?

    While BeautyScoop® should be safe as it contains only those ingredients found in normal, balanced diets and there are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, there are no studies verifying its safety in pregnant women.

  25. Does BeautyScoop® contain caffeine?


  26. Does BeautyScoop® contain Splenda?


  27. Does BeautyScoop® contain artificial sweeteners?


  28. Does BeautyScoop® contain artificial flavors or colors?


  29. Does BeautyScoop® contain gluten or wheat?


  30. Does BeautyScoop® contain any ingredients from China?


  31. Does BeautyScoop® contain trans fats?


  32. How does BeautyScoop® stop nails from peeling?

    Peeling nails can mean a diet that’s lacking in lipids such as linoleic acid, from safflower oil. BeautyScoop® supplies lipids to prevent peeling.

  33. How does BeautyScoop® help brittle nails?

    A diet low in biotin can cause nails to become thin, brittle and easily broken. BeautyScoop® supplies biotin to improve nail health and beauty.

  34. Can BeautyScoop® help white spots on the nails?

    Most often, those spots are the manifestation of some type of trauma to the nail. But if you’re certain you didn’t injure your nails, there can be several other causes – including a diet that’s deficient in the mineral zinc. BeautyScoop® supplies zinc for healthy nails.

  35. Can BeautyScoop® correct nail ridges?

    Vertical ridges may be totally normal sign, not of any health problems, but of age. BeautyScoop® users notice that ridges improve or disappear.

  36. How can the peptides in BeautyScoop® help to stop hair loss?

    If you have protein deficiency – it is not unusual to experience severe hair loss. That’s because malnutrition forces the body to conserve protein (the building block of all the body’s cells, including the hair) by shutting down hair growth. And since more hair may also be shed (without being replaced) the result can be a noticeable thinning over several months. BeautyScoop® supplies proteins in the form of usable peptides to improve thinning related to protein deficiency.

  37. How does BeautyScoop® help dull, dry and brittle hair?

    Without adequate protein, growing hair strands won’t become as strong and resilient as they should be. Without lipids and essential fatty acids, hair may not be as shiny and manageable as it could be. BeautyScoop® provides special peptides and lipids (SPLs), the necessary building blocks for healthy and beautiful hair.

  38. How does hyaluronic acid in BeautyScoop® help dry, cracked and peeling skin?

    According to the National Institutes of Health, hyaluronic acid provides plumping, hydration, skin regeneration, wound healing, tissue repair and anti-aging effects. It stimulates the creation of beautiful, youthful and more perfect skin.

  39. Where can I buy BeautyScoop®?

    At select doctors’ offices, medical spas and salons or online at www.beautyscoop.com, in the US and Canada. In the UK, Middle and Far East BeautyScoop® can be purchased through Harvey Nichols.

  40. How can I distribute BeautyScoop®?

    To find out if you are eligible, please contact us at Distributors Inquiry

  41. Does BeautyScoop® contain any herbs?


  42. How can I become a Wholesaler of BeautyScoop®?

    To find out if you are eligible, please contact us at Wholesalers Inquiry

  43. Can I sell BeautyScoop® from my home to my friends and my community?

    To find out if you are eligible, please contact us at Share the Scoop.

  44. Where is BeautyScoop® made?

    BeautyScoop® is made in the U.S. at a USDA organic-certified factory of all US derived ingredients. Even the box is made in the USA!

  45. Does BeautyScoop® really have a US patent?

    Yes, BeautyScoop® received its US Patent in December 2012. Based in nature and backed by science, it really is a unique, doctor-developed and clinically proven beauty breakthrough.

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