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Thinning hair? Lackluster with split ends?

Get more voluminous, thicker-looking, shinier, fuller hair  with BeautyScoop®

BeautyScoop® is the first and only, doctor-developedscientifically and clinically proven nutritional beauty supplement rich in essential peptides and lipids that are the necessary building blocks for healthy and beautiful hair. Its natural, patented, allergen friendly formula, is made in the USA at an organic-certified factory. BeautyScoop®  enhances fuller, healthier existing hair growth and reduces shedding to optimize thicker, shinier, lustrous and voluminous hair. Made in the USA at an organic-certified factory, BeautyScoop® delivers rapid, measurable and significant results that you can see and feel!

The HAIR BENEFITS of BeautyScoop®

  • Fortifies split ends and strengthens hair
  • Repairs hair damage from harsh shampoos, dyes, colors and perms
  • Luminizes hair by locking moisture into the hair shaft
  • Arouses and stimulates hair follicles
  • Improves the appearance of thinning hair
  • Enhances thicker looking, shinier, fuller and healthy, long hair growth
  • Conditions and nourishes the scalp
  • Jumpstarts the vitality of the follicles on a cellular level to minimize everyday hair loss
  • Revitalizes straightened, relaxed black hair
  • Nourishes male hair and scalp to maximize healthy hair growth
  • Intensifies shine and maximizes manageability

 and Clinically Proven:


  1. 95% of users in clinical trials reported an improvement in their hair, skin and/or nails; 85% reported a noticeable improvement; 74% reported a great improvement; and, 21% reported that their problem was completely gone.
  2. After the FIRST week, 58% noticed an improvement in hair.
  3. After TWO WEEKS of use, 79% noticed an improvement in hair.
  4. After THREE WEEKS, 84% noticed an improvement in hair.

How can the peptides in BeautyScoop® help to stop hair loss?

If you have a protein deficiency – it is not unusual to experience severe hair loss. That’s because malnutrition forces the body to conserve protein (the building block of all the body’s cells, including the hair) by shutting down hair growth. More hair may also be shed – without being replaced – and the result can be a noticeable thinning over several months.

In addition to hair loss, protein deficiency can also contribute to a reduction in the thickness or diameter of the hair, causing it to weaken, dull, break and thin out.  And a diet insufficient in protein can also result in inability to repair hair damaged from harsh shampoos, dyes, colors, relaxers and perms.

BeautyScoop® supplies your body with ample proteins in the form of usable peptides to improve thinning related to protein deficiency and to stop hair loss from dietary insufficiency. It also works to enhance existing long, strong, healthy hair growth. Get voluminous, thicker looking, shinier, fuller hair with BeautyScoop®.  It’s patented, scientifically and clinically proven pure powder formula will help optimize and strengthen hair so you can see fast, visible results.

How does BeautyScoop® help dull, dry and brittle hair?

Cracked hair and split ends can occur with insufficient intake or absorption of dietary oils, and cause the hair to appear dull, dry, brittle and even dirty.. The essential lipids in the SPLs, lock moisture into the hair follicle to fortify split ends, strengthen the hair shaft, reduce breakage, intensify shine and maximize manageability.

The lipids in BeautyScoop® also nourish and condition the scalp. Together, this contributes to an improvement in luster and shine, and a reduction in the everyday hair loss that result in hair thinning. SPLs supply the necessary peptides and lipids required to promote existing healthy, long hair growth.

How does BeautyScoop® strengthen hair and reduce split ends?

Without adequate protein, growing hair strands won’t become as strong and resilient as they should be. Without lipids and essential fatty acids, hair may not be as shiny and manageable as it could be. BeautyScoop® provides critical peptides and lipids , the necessary building blocks for healthy and beautiful hair. Acting in combination with BeautyScoop®’s patented formula, these peptides and lipids work to reduce split ends and strengthen hair for rapid, visible results.

Can BeautyScoop® correct hair problems associated with perimenopause and menopause?

Reduced levels of estrogen can cause hair loss and thinning, dry scalp and dandruff. With less estrogen, hair is unable to stay in the growth cycle. This leads to a shortened growth cycle with hair shedding before it reaches its desired length. There is also unwanted facial hair due to a relative rise in androgens. When hormone replacement is not an option, BeautyScoop® is! It provides peptides and lipids (the smallest, usable forms of proteins and biologically important oils that are the necessary building blocks to make strong, healthy hair), hyaluronic acid (to provide moisture and hydration to combat dry and brittle hair and scalp), and biotin (to stimulate existing hair growth) in a highly bioavailable powder form for those who have diminished absorption, and for those whose diet is lacking.

Can BeautyScoop® correct hair problems associated with hypothyroidism?

Hypothryoidism can cause hair loss on the scalp and eyebrows that is diffuse and uniformly sparse. Hair can be brittle with increased fall-out and reduction in volume and thickness. BeautyScoop® provides peptides and lipids (the smallest, usable forms of proteins and biologically important oils that are the necessary building blocks to make longer, thicker, healthier hair; to stop hair loss to fortify split ends, intensify shine and maximize manageability), collagen, and hyaluronic acid (to provide moisture and hydration, to combat dry and dull hair, and to nourish the scalp), and biotin (to help existing hair grow faster) in a highly bioavailable powder form for those who have diminished absorption, and for those whose diet is lacking.

Can’t I get this from my regular diet?

Everyone knows that most dietary supplements and vitamins are to augment a diet that is lacking, But, BeautyScoop® was formulated specifically for those people who, in spite of eating a healthy diet, still have problems in the skin, hair and nails. These people’s problems were found to be a result of inadequate absorption of the peptides and lipids that are the necessary building blocks for healthy and beautiful skin, hair and nails. And, according to the Centers for Disease Control, up to 40% of people have problems with absorption.

Why supplement a healthy diet?

Normally, it takes your body 4-6 hours to digest what is eaten into an absorbable form. Then your body rations out these building blocks bit-by-bit – some for synthesis, and some for repair. However, with BeautyScoop®‘s natural, patented and clinically proven nutritional beauty supplement, your body receives a large quantity of ready-to-use restorative building blocks in a short period of time, enabling your body to immediately begin synthesizing more perfect hair, skin and nails. This improves the turnaround time so that results are visible in just 3 weeks!  Get more voluminous, thicker looking, shinier, fuller hair with BeautyScoop’s 30 day risk free trial. 

Read these Actual Consumer Testimonials:

“I am so happy that BeautyScoop®, which uses peptides, lipids and vitamins to give [hair] luster and shine, is finally on the market. I can’t wait to share it!” 
Marcia Gay Harden, Academy Award Winning Actress

“Fun. Smart. Hip and Cute. Yum! My LA hairdresser asked what I have been using with my hair because she saw all this new hair growth and noticed that my roots were super strong.” 
Alysia Reiner, Film and Television Actress, Orange is the New Black

“I saw more hair in Alysia’s scalp – new growth and enlarged pores. The texture was improved and there was stimulation of new growth. I can’t wait to recommend this to my clients.” 
Valentina V., L.A. celebrity hairdresser

“My hair looked amazing. I loved the taste and it was the first thing ever to replace my 4PM cookie break! Now that I finished the product, I want more. I am super low maintenance but would absolutely keep taking this because I got a bunch of compliments when I was using it. I am jonzing for the awesome and yummy beauty shake. Get it when she releases it to the world!” 
Rachel Sheedy, Talent Agent

“This product improved my skin, hair and nails above and beyond my expectations. I could see results very quickly. It is a real beauty secret.” 
A. Popovic, Bergdorf’s Department Manager

“I definitely saw improvements in my hair and nails. I like the taste and find it filling, like a meal replacement. It is the “inside scoop” on beauty – ahead of the curve – and users are those in the know.” 
Fran H., Pharmaceutical Consultant

“I really enjoyed using this product. I loved the taste and found myself craving it throughout the day. It is a good mixture for beauty enhancement. I really saw a difference in my overall appearance and I even got comments from others on how good I look. It was not just noticeable improvements in my skin, hair and nails…but something more…I looked better overall. In fact, I noticed a definite difference even after taking it only for a couple of days.” 
Jennifer S., NYU Graduate Student

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