Hair, Skin and Nail Problems Associated with Hypothyroidism

Hypothryoidism can affect the hair, skin and nails. While it is unusual for mild hypothyroidism to cause hair loss, severe and prolonged hypothyroidism can cause hair loss that is diffuse and uniformly sparse.  Scalp and eyebrow hair loss caused by thyroid disorders will typically regrow with treatment, but new hair may differ in texture and color.

The hair growth cycle is long, so hair loss can become apparent slowly over time. Some people are diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and treatment is begun prior to the observation of hair loss.  In these instances, the hair loss may erroneously be blamed on start of thyroid medication, and withdrawal of treatment may worsen the hair loss.

HAIR changes associated with Hypothyroidism


NAILS changes associated with Hypothyroidism

SKIN changes associated with Hypothyroidism

The decreased level of thyroid hormone can be associated with the following:

What can be done to counteract the hair, skin and nail problems associated with hypothyroidism?

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